Beauty: Makeup Fades

Part of my new career is working with 5-10th grade girls and lifting them up! Tessa and I are focusing in on a new direction of photography called Five Ten Girls. We are empowering young women to step in front of the camera without makeup, and not Photoshopping the photos at all. I love seeing their personalities grow right in front of my eyes!

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I live to inspire and motivate others towards greatness, so this initiative speaks right into my heart.


Maiedae Mixer

I absolutely am thrilled that I am going to be helping out with the Maiedae Mixer! I am going to be the Fun Director, which means I might have to start a dance party which may be a little difficult due to my extreme shyness!

If you don't know about this exciting party, then you need to jump on over here and check it out!


Featured on Tessa Marie Weddings

A part of this new season of my life, and the main reason I switched up cities was to take a new job!

This career move, has been the best thing since well, brie on rosemary bread.

Tessa (the boss lady/amazing friend) has welcomed me to her world, by writing this lovely blog post, so I thought I would share.