So I have this thing for love, it consumes me like a fire. I love to love people and I love to love amazing things. These are some of the blogs from people that I love and blogs from people that have simply lovely blogs.


Sophisticate by Amelia
Maiedae by Savannah
Jenny Highsmith by Jenny
Unearthing Words by Leah
J Maire by Jessica
Being Here. Getting There. by Katherine
Chikin Chatter by Anne

Blogs that I love:

Beauty & the Feast by Allie
Amanda K. By the Bay by Amanda
This & That by Allie
Pie N' The Sky by Melisa
Michaela Rae by Michaela
Love & Olive Oil by Lindsay
Cannelle et Vanille by Aran
Going Home to Roost by Bonnie

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  1. Oh, I feel so honored to be on this list! Thank you. :-) Some of these bloggers are my favorite as well.