Happy Forever After

Time apart from the blog has been fruitful. I have gotten married, bought a house and skipped off into the sunset. Well not the sunset part, but the rest is true! I am thankful for the journey that this blog has taken me on. I have learned more about what I love do. 

This will most likely be my last post. I had to come back on and share with the world how my story ended. Happy, full of laughter and love!


Letters by The River

We met under bizarre circumstances this past February. He was traveling through town and stopped to visit his brother who just happened to be married to my boss at the time. We giggled together and ran through the rows in Ikea. However, I was in a delicate time in my life due to an avalanche of changes. I couldn't simply give my heart to this man who just put the wind in my sails. I wanted to keep in touch with patience and understanding, so we wrote. We wrote letters long distance to each other to learn about each others past and our desires for the future.

Since then our happy worlds have been molded together under extraordinary God intervention, and now we live down the street from each other and interact almost every day. But the hand written letters have continued, the letters addressed to me in my full and proper name.

This past Friday began like all of the wonderful Fridays before it. At lunchtime, texts are exchanged regarding our date night plans. He pulled up our list of must eat places in Atlanta, and picks one that is the closest to our hearts and our homes, Ray's on the River.

Fully dressed in our finery we take the steps down to the river behind the restaurant and meander to a bench. He pulls out a highlighter and lots of letters. All of the letters that he has written me, all the way back to the beginning. He asks me to highlight the first word of the first paragraph and the second word of the second paragraph in each letter. I begin highlighting and highlighting, each time scribbling down each discovered word to form the beautiful secret message that has been waiting to be discovered for months.

The last word gets highlighted and the message is complete and I feel my emotions tipping over. He stands up only to bend back down on one knee. I understand what is happening and I just want time to stand still. We are going to be together forever is the only thought running through my head as he places the ring on my finger and I say yes. I hear people clapping who just witnessed our love.

This is our story. Well... just the beginning of it.

Click here to see our amazing engagement photos!


Redefining Traditional

If you were organically introduced to me before I spoke a word, you could say I am average girl with brown hair, fairly short with a nice smile. In a single glance you would say oh she is pretty traditional.

The thing is, despite my traditional so to speak looks I thoroughly enjoy breaking traditions and molds.

One of the most thrilling parts of my job is shocking the advertisers that walk in my doors with the knowledge that I have in my industry and how well I know my numbers.

The most baffling thing to me lately (due to my serious relationship with this hunk) regarding tradition is wedding day madness. 

Cake by Perry Olsen

Do you have any idea why people have white three tiered wedding cakes? Me either. But people do it weekend after weekend during the wedding season. A little nuts (if you ask me)!

I would love to know what people did or are planning to do to break traditional wedding boundaries! Do you want to play heavy metal at your reception? Did you pour light and dark coffee grinds together instead of sand?

How are you redefining traditional for generations to come?


Pom Coco

I was running around the grocery store on my lunch break attempting to find a quick healthy lunch before my hour was up, when I stumbled upon a new drink created by Pom made with coconut water. I thought I would give it a try since coconut and pomegranates are both on my love list.
To say it was fabulous was an understatement. 
However, I knew what could take this to the next level, vodka!

Here is the scoop:
Three parts pomegranate, two parts coconut water, one part coconut vodka.
(I chose vodka instead of rum, because coconut vodka isn't as sweet at coconut rum. I didn't want the drink to be syrupy sweet like a pina coladas can be.)

With their powers combined you will be on your way to a tropical island in your living room in no time flat. Speaking of flat, this is a pretty low calorie drink considering the mixers are super healthy for you.(Hello flat abs!) 

P.S. Bolthouse Farm's pomegranate juice is way cheaper compared to the same stuff in the cute POM bottle right next door, so be on the lookout!


Marketing Director

It seems like eternity since I have written a blog post. A lot of amazing and wonderful things have been transpiring in my life. One of the biggest changes is starting my new job as a Marketing Director! I have been in this position for a month now, and I am happy to say I absolutely love it!

My job responsibilities include managing thirty advertising campaigns, developing content for our website and social media, networking with businesses and marketing reps, and creating scripts for radio and tv! Needless to say, dull moments are not included.

The first couple of weeks, I went through the training process with the organization that allowed me to see every aspect of the business. From the call center to the production of what it looks like to install our products. I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful training that they provided me, so now I can appreciate everyone in our growing organization.

So now that I am actually standing on firm ground and have my job settled into a routine, more exciting blog posts are to come!