Redefining Traditional

If you were organically introduced to me before I spoke a word, you could say I am average girl with brown hair, fairly short with a nice smile. In a single glance you would say oh she is pretty traditional.

The thing is, despite my traditional so to speak looks I thoroughly enjoy breaking traditions and molds.

One of the most thrilling parts of my job is shocking the advertisers that walk in my doors with the knowledge that I have in my industry and how well I know my numbers.

The most baffling thing to me lately (due to my serious relationship with this hunk) regarding tradition is wedding day madness. 

Cake by Perry Olsen

Do you have any idea why people have white three tiered wedding cakes? Me either. But people do it weekend after weekend during the wedding season. A little nuts (if you ask me)!

I would love to know what people did or are planning to do to break traditional wedding boundaries! Do you want to play heavy metal at your reception? Did you pour light and dark coffee grinds together instead of sand?

How are you redefining traditional for generations to come?