Resting in Him

Art by Cliff Wassmann
I was given a time to rest, but to be honest I haven't been doing very well.

It is in my nature to achieve, to get things done, so not having a job to be productive at is starting to take its tole on my heart.

Everyday my quest continues to find the correct career path, but I felt like something was amiss since I started my time of rest. Something was tugging and crying to be discovered, but I couldn't place my hand quite on it.

Then I started reading a book that my friend Leah mentioned called 24/6, which is about remembering the Sabbath and how important and holy, a day of rest is in our lives.

It clicked, God has given me this opportunity to rest and to chase after him, but instead I have been racing trying to find my own path and filling up my time with random garbage. I now have time to read His word more, spend time meditating and praying. All things that I have said I would do more of, if I only had more time.

I was given the gift of more time, and I wasn't using it. I was just working for my own gain, and it left me feeling empty. After the realization of my stupidity, I am bound and determined to not feel sorry for myself for the lack of achievement of a job at this moment, but instead use this time of rest to trust Him and learn more about the Maker of the world.


Revolving Around Food

Something that I have noticed about my life, not only do I take a lot of photos of food (Yes, I am that person on IG), but I think most of my life is revolved around the making of, conversations during, or giddy consumption of food.

One of the biggest character traits that I inherited from my mother is the joy of entertaining. I love having friends over and creating a table spread that allows for flowing conversation and wine of course.

The discovery of new dishes and creating new memories are so strongly associated with all of the senses, my favorite being taste of course. Brad and I picked up a whole fish, and neither of us had ever cooked one before, so we were determined to make it work, and boy we did! It was fantastic!

Amelia took me out for a late birthday celebration at a lovely Mexican restaurant! I think out of all of the international foods, I could eat Mexican every day and not get sick of it, something about the spices and the lightness of it all, never gets old.

I had the opportunity to go with Brad to Mississippi to visit some friends, and I had the pleasure of trying my first deer meat sausage! It was made from this sweet man, who made the sausage himself from start (deer) to finish (my belly) and smoked it in his shack. This humble man of few words, was such a pleasure to meet and I won't forget this experience for a long time!

My parents live down at the lake and my Step-Dad got a beehive for Christmas, and he was showing Brad all about the hive and talking about how much longer it will be before we have honey!

I have been toying around with what to do with all of the bee's wax that we will have, what to do? Candles? Lip Balm? Who knows, but I am so excited to taste the honey, that is for sure!

Enjoy this long and beautiful weekend!


A Bird's Nest | Peas & Potatoes

The comforting memories of childhood. Bringing you back to a time where life seemed simpler, life didn't move quite as fast.

I enjoyed remaking this staple I had as a child, A Bird's Nest, with a more grown up taste. The red potatoes were smashed with all of the normal goodness (butter and milk), but thyme and chives were added. The peas were cooked in my homemade chicken stock after getting being buddy buddy with caramelized onions. And of course any good meal needs to be topped with freshly grated parmesan.

When you get lost in the commotion of the day, take a recipe from your childhood and allow it to bring you back to a simpler time. Even if it is fish sticks or cheesy hot dogs, it will invoke a smile.

My Birthday, Disney Style

I had the pleasure of going to Disney on my 26th Birthday! Ok, so me being a big kid at heart, I absolutely loved getting to be surrounded by happiness and wonder on my birthday.

The beauty alone of the park was breathtaking.

All of the colorful flowers blew me away!

However, something more special than even the flowers and beauty of the park and the over abundance of Happy Birthdays due to the button I wore that said my name and that it was my birthday was just the pure joy of spending the day wondering around the most magical place on earth with this amazing man who put it all together!

Also pictured is the lovely spice board, which is the gift that he made for me under my instructions that he had to make me a birthday gift and not purchase one!

I enjoyed spending my birthday at Disney and I am excited to see what year 26 of my life brings, something tells me it is going to be awesome!