Holiday Networking

It is that time of year where you are thrusted into meeting new people; the always faithful holiday gatherings filled with small talk. But this year is different, you are going to be well equipped by learning how to effectively network instead of being bored and staring into your coffee.

How do you successfully navigate holiday parties, 
getting the most out of an event through networking?

The table setting at a wonderful networking lunch meeting this afternoon.
1. First know your audience/contacts before the meeting if at all possible. Find out a common interest. (At the event that I attended this afternoon, we were all alumni from the same college. )

2. Have a prepared a one minute talk about your past experiences/life, but make it personal to the audience by adding in something about the common interest you discovered about the group.

3. At the event do not wait to be greeted by others, it shows confidence in a crowd if you introduce yourself to a stranger instead of lingering in the back of a room. So seek out one person that you would like to talk to.

4. Once you have introduced yourself, jump into the one minute overview of you. But allow enough room for pauses for open conversation and questions.

5. Ask your new friend, more about themselves and what they are passionate about doing.

6. You will begin to feel comfortable with the one person that you have introduced yourself to, now do it again to the rest of the people in the room.

7. Give yourself a pat on the back when you discover you now have greeted everybody in the room or at least everybody you wanted to talk to.

8. If you find that you would like to talk to an individual more about a particular topic seek them out during the event, and since you have previously spoken them, you will already have a connection. This is when the real networking happens.

Enjoy the wonders of networking this holiday season and 
the wonderful new connections that you have the possibility of making.


Beyond Thankful

Driving 23 miles across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to get to this spot, worth it.
Spending time with my cousin Patty, and her dog Bear who loves to lick everything!

Having a blast with our boyfriends putting on our grandmother's hats!

And of course, eating so much food that you sleep for hours.
(I am sure my mom will thank me over and over for sharing this picture of her with you.)

Honestly, it might have been the very best Thanksgiving to date. 
I love spending time with family, eating amazing food, and just chatting up a storm!


Back to Real Life

After traveling to the eastern shore of Virginia and spending time stuffing my face with family, tomorrow it is time to go back to real life. Tomorrow meetings will happen, productivity will commence and homemade Christmas gifts will begin to be made.

Until tomorrow where more gorgeous pictures of the shore can be shared,
 say a prayer for a productive tomorrow.



Tis the season of thankfulness and family.
Be overwhelmed by love and toss aside stress.


Christmas Secret

So, posting it on the internet for the whole world to see isn't exactly a secret. But I wanted to give you a little heads up that every week during the month of December, I am going to be giving away items from wonderful crafters made by hand in Georgia! Think bags, jewelry and pottery... good stuff :)

It is just my way to give back during the holiday season 
and to share my thankfulness that you read my blog!


Treat: Anticipation of Thanksgiving

1/// Busting out a heavy coat.
2/// Pulling on some cute boots.
3/// Eating my favorite pie, sweet potato of course.
4/// Heading to visit family on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

By far, my favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving! 
It is the only time of year that I get to see some of my family, 
so I get more and more excited as the time gets closer and closer!

Prayer, it changes things.

We were running a little bit late, so I drove a smidgen faster than I should have down the winding roads towards church. Along the way my boyfriend and I were discussing the power of prayer. Since he is currently in seminary, these biblical talks are frequent and enjoyable.

The question is, how much does the power of prayer change the outcome of a situation? How much influence do our prayer have? Does it change the plans God has in mind for us?

Getting lost in our thoughts, we almost didn't notice the blue lights flashing behind us. Three weeks before, I had a similar experience that ended with a pricy speeding ticket, so I was less than thrilled.

After the state patrol man came up to my car window to get my information, Glenn prayed. He prayed that the officer would have mercy and grace on us.

I got a warning.

I don't believe in coincidence.

God was making a point.

Whatever is going on in your life this week, big or small, pray about it. It will change things.


Vegetable Love

My housemate is participating in a local CSA, therefore yummy vegetables have been seeping their way into our house. One of the joys of the bounty of color is creating simple delicious dishes to allow the quality of ingredients to shine.
Layers of carrots, zucchini, purple and sweet potatoes dressed with garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of white wine roasted for an hour at 400 degrees creates simple perfection.

If you can't ever think what to make for a meal, 
simply get great ingredients and let them do the talking for you.


I like small names, I can not lie.

This morning I have been diving into resume hardcore red pen discovery mode for my organization who is currently looking to hire a new employee.  Oh the things that I have seen today, pictures on resumes, sentences with out periods, so many typos (you live in Georgia not Georga), emails sent from their current employer email address, and my personal favorite:
Names that read like billboards in fantastic colors. That my friends is my all time favorite!

Quick Tip:

1/// If you are currently employed send your job application and resume after normal business hours, that way it doesn't look like you are sending in your resume while working.
2/// Always, I repeat always name the file of your resume something professional because they are going to read whatever you name the file, so General Job Resume is not a good choice.
3/// When emailing your resume to an organization, make sure that the body copy of the email itself contains your cover letter or other important information that you want them to read. An email stating simply that your resume is attached is not good enough.

Happy job hunting and happy Friday!


Career or Passion

What do you do for a living?
What is your career?
What kind of work do you do?

Those questions are probing to find out what job somebody is currently doing. Why is it that we tend to assume in America that the career that someone has defines them? Especially in today’s day and age, with the odds of a 20-something keeping the same job for their whole life is darn near impossible.

Instead, ask the stranger what they are passionate about.
Photo Via

Ask them what consumes them and what passion they desire to do day in and day out. Then, take the leap and ask them what is stopping them from perusing their passion.

Furthermore, are you currently in a career that is your passion? If not, why? What is stopping you?


Treat: Renew

1/// Perfect tote and reminder
2/// Plan ahead into the new year with promises not resolutions
3/// Scrub away old dead skin to reveal a new beautiful glow
4/// Proven juice cleanse to clean out your body


Sit and Rest

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Recipe: Chocolate Graveyard

Pudding. Who doesn't love pudding? You know what makes pudding better? Irish Cream. That is right chocolate goodness with irish cream, complete with Oreo topping and delicious shortbread cookies.

This simple chocolate dessert was my savior for a last minute scary dessert. At an after Halloween, Halloween Party! It is simple, really!

Chocolate Graveyard

4 Packages of instant chocolate pudding
6 Cups of whole milk
2 Cups of irish cream
1 Package of Oreos crushed
1 Package of shortbread cookies
1 Tube of white icing

Directions: With an electric mixer whip up the instant pudding, milk and irish cream until it is well a pudding consistency. Then place the pudding in a large glass pan and set it in the fridge until you need it. Then right before your party add the crumbled Oreos on top of the pudding as well as your decorated shortbread cookies. Make sure you wait until the last minute to put on the Oreos and cookies so they don't get soggy!

Since halloween is now over, a great variation of this adult pudding would be perfect with gummy worms for a garden party. Or for thanksgiving you could do it with pumpkin pudding and crumble just shortbread cookies and write words that you are thankful for on the cookies standing up! The possibilities are endless with quick alcoholic pudding!

Another reminder as the craziness of the holidays are upon us, remember to rest.


Treat: Carmel B's.

The treat this week is caramel goodness without the caramel.

1. Bag.
2. Belle.
3. Brûlée.