Cheese and Burgers

Most people have a passion for cheese, at least most of my friends and family do and we are not shy about it. My mom had a wine and cheese party down at the lake for some of her friends this past weekend and I am known to have a good cheese platter to serve at parties as well. Sometime early last year, I discovered on etsy that a shop was actually selling a cheese making kit. Yes, a DYI for cheese. UrbanCheesecraft open my wonders of making your own cheese at home. I purchase one of the kits and set on making my very own cheese.

Fast forward to Tuesday night, and my roommate Rachel and I had this grand idea to make simple peanut butter cookies. Super easy, some eggs, sugar, peanut butter and we added Nutella well because who doesn't love Nutella.
Then we tasted these should be delicious cookies and well they were simply awful. We couldn't figure out what had gone so horribly wrong. It surely couldn't have been the Nutella. Then I looked over to the empty tupperware container that the suger had once been in and I asked Rachel, where did you get that? She said on the top shelf over there, why?... it hit me.

I know why these cookies tasted so funny. We didn't put sugar in the cookies, we had put the left over citric acid that came from my cheese making kit. Check out the picture above, and you can see why she had been so easily confused.
Photos Via 1/2/3

It was a total epic fail. Disgusting yes, but they ended up eerily looking like hamburgers. So Happy Independence Day!


  1. Bahahah. I didn't hear the story behind this picture. So funny. :)

  2. Whoa, a cheese kit!? I MUST look into this!

  3. haha that is so funny! I make kitchen mistakes all the time!! AND a cheese making kit?? AMAZING!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey