Free Resume Review

I have a passion for business. I love creating relationships, concepts, marketing ideas and designing all aspects of a business. My undergraduate degree is in marketing and public relations, then I went on to get my MBA, but my drive doesn’t come from the degrees it comes from people. How people think and are motivated. When speaking with my friend Tessa about her photography business, and how to obtain more of a particular client, I simply eat up every minute of it. Something that I am naturally good at is consulting. Giving my opinion about anything has never been hard =) One of the best ways that I know how to help people is with giving them a career advice.

I worked for two years in a career center during my graduate school and most of the time was spent helping people obtain a job, internship, or entrance into graduate school. The very first thing that you have to have in order to get those is an amazing resume. I have learned the craft of creating the very best resume. I am also currently serving on the hiring team at my day job, so I know what it takes to land a job. I am not going to promise that I will help you land the career of your dreams, but heck I will try! So if you just want some feedback on how you could improve, I am here to help!

So here is the deal. The first ten people to comment on this post will get a free resume review. If you see you have made it in the top ten, send me an email at revelrey@gmail.com and we shall let the red pen bleeding begin, just kidding... kind of...


  1. I would LOVE you to look over mine! Editing is one of my favorite activities as well, and another set of eyes never hurt anyone :)

  2. Hey girl! I'm about to gear up for job hunting and I would love your help! Try not to cry when you see mine... :)
    Amanda Blocker

  3. Hi, I heard about this from a friend of yours and I am so excited that you are doing this!