Planning Out Life

Often people will ask me where I am traveling or what I am doing on a particular weekend or what my plans are and I don't know. The honest truth is that I can't remember because I place everything on my phone. The less in my head, I think the better. However some things, just never happen as planned.

This Saturday, Glenn and I were driving to Savannah's parents house for her 24th birthday party. We were less than a half a mile from his apartment driving straight through a green light when I screamed loudly, Glenn stop, stop, stop. I saw a police car barreling through the front of his little red car. The air bags deployed and the car filled up with smoke. Glenn kept asking me, it was green right, the light was green. He then asked me if I was alright. I then felt my leg burning. Glenn told me to roll down the window, but I couldn't move. He pushed my airbag down and I rolled down the window to get air in the car. We sat in the car for what seemed like forever, just staring forward, then I start to cry. The cop slowly got out of his vehicle, but before he could reach us another police officer showed up.

The next events, were blurred by the taking of statements, insurance, sitting in the front seat of a police car while putting ointment on my burns. It was scary, very scary.

Once the police officer dropped Glenn and I back at the apartment, I broke down. I lost it. Glenn was trying to be comforting and hold me, but I just balled. Sometimes you don't know when your emotions will hit. I was hysterically crying. I couldn't help it. Life isn't always pretty, and planned and nice. Sometimes, crazy things happen. Horrible things, but good can come from horrible things. Not always in this life, but maybe the next. I know that Glenn and I are closer now then before, and we know that we are loved by all of our friends and family even more. I am thankful, so thankful for life planned or unplanned.


  1. Life is so precious. I'm so glad you are both ok!

  2. Lauri told me about this. My first question was, "Were the kids hurt? Are they okay?" I love both of you.

    Momma Deb