Forts, BBQ, and Miracles

There is just something about stringing up bed sheets from dressers and door frames, and building a pallet on the floor to curl up in to watch a scary movie. That is indeed what my friday night existed of, with this cute boy that I know :) Oh and of course lots of pizza was consumed.
Awesome Fort Making Supplies! Via 1/2/3
Life is filled with responsibilities, and sometimes it is just super nice just to chill in a fort and forget about the outside world.

Glenn and I also met up with my folks this weekend at a BBQ place in a sleepy town.

He enjoyed that it was spelled right :)

On an even more personal level, I have been thinking a lot about miracles. Like big God miracles. Things that you would only dream about happening becoming real 
because you prayed for them to happen. 

Thinking something is to big for you to concur this week, it probably is by yourself. 
But, not with the help of God. 

Together you can preform miracles.

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  1. fun fact: sophomore year of college, my roommate and i had bunk beds and i was on the bottom so i took it upon myself to create a fort-style bed :) it was quite nice!