The waiter brought my steak to the table that was perfuming goodness into my eight year old nostrils. On the side of my mothers equally as sweet steak was a small bowl filled with what looked to be like little brown buttons covered with butter. I knew my distaste for those white rubbery mushrooms, but these, these brown little buttons peaked my interest. She asked if I would like to try the small treat, so I took a tiny mushroom with a bigger portion of steak obviously on my fork and plunged it into my mouth. I so enjoyed the taste of the mushrooms surrounded by steak, and so began my love affair with fungi.
The original standard white mushrooms. I don't particularly care for pre-sliced variety, well because they are always more expensive and I feel like a two year old could squeeze a mushroom in half so why would I pay more for that. Also, I almost always stay away from the white ones, because I simply love the taste of portobello mushroom more.
Then is the big beautiful bellos. Oh how I love to bake in thee and add thee in replacement of noodles in lasagna. You are my favorite grocery store find. The baby portobello mushrooms make a home in my simple vodka sauce. However my favorite way to consume them is simply to drown them in red wine and butter with some herbs which creates a scrumptious side to well anything.

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  1. Yes, Yes. I love that shtuff too! Ya know what else Im' currently loving? YOUR BLOG! You are so cute. I'm your new follower and am really excited to get to know you better.

    Amanda @ we & serendipity