Magazine Love: BH&G


In the large bathroom at my office, there is a magazine rack... well because it is the large bathroom, you know... gross. But, some magic fairy at the office has a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens magazine and let me just tell you I could sit there for hours reading it. Well that sounds strange, but you know the magazines that you even love just looking at the ads because they are just as awesome as the articles (inner marketing nerd coming out) well that is BH&G for me.

So it tickled my fancy this week that one of my favorite websites, the Foundary had a special on this magazine. And when I say special, I mean oh my goodness awesomeness.

A two year subscription for $7.

Yep. Ridiculously cheap, like less than buying you and your girl friend's drink at Starbucks cheap. It is only going on for the next day or two so you should check it out.

You should get it, like now! From HERE.


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  1. that's how i feel about 'real simple!' haha loved this post!