Chained Elephant

When we are trying to find a solution to a problem we often seek advice from others or comb over past solutions seeking the correct way to get things done. We sort through the thoughts and often dismiss those that we have tried before and failed. Or we call out others advice saying that just won’t work for me.

Consider this story about an elephant that is tied to a wall by a heavy chain when it is a baby. It is just too small to break the big chain. As the elephant grows up, its handlers replace the heavy chain with a lighter chain. Still, when the elephant tries to break free, it feels the chain tugging at the wall and gives up. Eventually, its handlers replace the chain with a wire. Finally, by the time the elephant is fully-grown, all it needs is a thin rope to tie it to the wall. Yes, the elephant could easily break the rope, but it no longer had the belief that breaking the rope would lead to freedom.

By challenging a solution that may not have worked in the past, you might find that it is in fact the perfect solution that leads you to freedom.

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  1. So true. Beautiful sketch. ♥Lindsay