One Word: Part One

Don't you just love people who love you? Well I certainly do and wanted to share with you some of the people who care about me and my blog in this multi-part series.

I asked them to describe themselves in one word. A tough task, but they were up for the challenge!


\\\ Goof /// I can be pretty darn silly and I cannot take a serious picture for the life of me :) - Little Lady Little City

\\\ Serene ///  I strive for my life to have harmony, a symbiotic flow with the universe, because once that is in place, everything else will fall together. I chose this word because it not only describes what I want in life and what I surround myself with, but also who I've always been, the basis of my core.  I am serene. - Thirsty World Designs


\\\ Joie de vivre /// Joie de vivre means “joy of life.” For some reason, my defining characteristic has always been joy.  When asked to describe me, others refer to joy or laughter; when seen in a picture, my mouth is generally wide open [like this one], caught in the middle of some moment that I clearly found hilarious enough to invoke a doubled-over-belly-laugh. -Sophisticate


\\\ Passion /// I think passion describes me best because I try to fill my life with things and people I'm passionate about. From friends to writing to blogging and food, passion surrounds my life. -Beauty & The Feast

Thank you so much ladies! Stay tuned for some more love and words from fabulous people!

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