Cali Trip: Day 3

Don't you just want to sit down here and stay forever? I do. 
I just wanted to watch the waves crash over and over, and get caught in a beautiful trance.

My mom and I found the Pacific waters quite enjoyable around a quant town called Pacifica.
(I wonder how they came up with that one. Ha.)
Then we became a tourist for the day, traveling to a fat kids paradise, 
the more reddish tinted then you would have imaged golden gate bridge,
 and fancy architectured shops where my mom and I 
promptly bought each other fabulous Christmas gifts, 
that will never quite make it to Christmas.

All in all day three was fabulous, sans some traffic around San Fran. 
Today, more wineries will be toured and more vino consumed.


  1. Sometimes I get so jaded living in such a beautiful state that I forgot how amazing it actually is until I look at other people's photos.
    PS. In n out is the best fast food chain ever :)

  2. Wow–such gorgeous pictures! Hope you're enjoying your trip!

    The Glossy Life