Drama-Free Workplace

A co-worker walks up to your office door and starts talking about an issue they have with someone else in the office. What do you do?

A. Take their open hand and accept the conversation.

B. Shove your hands in your pockets, giving an I don’t care attitude and just listen.

C. Slap their hand and say, I don’t think we should be talking about this 
maybe you should talk to the person you have an issue with directly.

How you handle the gossip being brought to your door will largely determine how much gossip is being brought to your door. The less you get involved with inter-office drama, the less likely people will be to keep on coming back, over and over to hand out juicy negativity.

So if C is your answer then you are correct. Gossip breeds more gossip, therefore getting the co-worker to address the person they have issues with directly is the best solution.

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