The Perfect Cheese Plate

The art of crafting the perfect cheese plate must begin with the following:

1.  A soft cheese, that can be easily spread on a cracker or bread. My preferred choice is a triple cream brie! 

2. A blue cheese, needs be added for color and musky taste that pairs well with fresh fruit.

3. A hard cheese, for texture and nutty flavor. For the hard cheese make sure you pre-slice at least 1/3 of the block to give your guest an easy go of the cheese for the first couple of bites. I prefer a gruyer over a cheddar for my hard cheese.
1. Fresh fruit is the best pairing for high in fat love cheeses. Figs are my all time favorite fruit to pair with cheese.

2. If you are feeling fancy then add some dried fruits or nuts to the plate. I personally like cherries and pistachios paired with blue cheese.
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 1. Pita chips or water crackers are always good safe bet for your cheese to land on point every time.  I prefer a mild tasting cracker so you are really savoring the cheese.

2. So it isn't exactly a cracker, but come on who doesn't like salami? I take a slice of salami and use it as a cracker for brie. It is mighty tasty.

I hope this helps on your journey to the most yummy cheese plate of your dreams. 
Pop open a bottle of cab sav and dive in!

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  1. NOMMMM. i just spent an hour in a cheese store and it really is an art. the most delicious art.