Treat: Toasty Feet

Stuffing my feet under a pillow, blanket or other people in the fall and winter months is one of my favorite pastimes. I can't stand my feet being cold, and well they just never seem to get warm enough!

Some of my favorite things to keep my toes warm during the chilly nights, both indoors and out in the wilderness aka my back yard, are a multipurpose mexican yoga blanket (I take part in a yoga class every Wednesday), a fire pit (that I haven't purchased yet but am investing in soon), fuzzy socks with the grips on the bottom (extra important to have the grips so you don't spill your hot chocolate all over your rug), and by far my best Christmas gift to date has been my electric mattress pad. This mattress pad, unlike an electric blanket goes on underneath your sheets so you don't have to worry about it coming off. I just keep mine on my bed all year and just use it whenever I want! Totally worth the investment!

Keep your toes toasty my friends!


  1. My feet are never NOT cold, so fuzzy socks are a must in the winter!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Hold the phone!! Electric mattress pad?!?! YES please. And I'm totally guilty of keeping my feet warm under people. ;)

  3. this is making me so jealous that i dont live in a cooler place!!! so comfyyyy and toasty!

  4. Love how perfectly cozy all these look! I need it to be cold here in florida asap.

  5. I always know the weather is starting to cool down when my feet get cold! This is a great post! I also put my feet under people to warm them up. :)