I like small names, I can not lie.

This morning I have been diving into resume hardcore red pen discovery mode for my organization who is currently looking to hire a new employee.  Oh the things that I have seen today, pictures on resumes, sentences with out periods, so many typos (you live in Georgia not Georga), emails sent from their current employer email address, and my personal favorite:
Names that read like billboards in fantastic colors. That my friends is my all time favorite!

Quick Tip:

1/// If you are currently employed send your job application and resume after normal business hours, that way it doesn't look like you are sending in your resume while working.
2/// Always, I repeat always name the file of your resume something professional because they are going to read whatever you name the file, so General Job Resume is not a good choice.
3/// When emailing your resume to an organization, make sure that the body copy of the email itself contains your cover letter or other important information that you want them to read. An email stating simply that your resume is attached is not good enough.

Happy job hunting and happy Friday!


  1. youre so good at this!! how do you feel about fancy resumes? i want to make mine a little more appealing to the eye since im in a creative industry but i never know how far is too far.

    1. Allie, I would suggest being very creative since you would be applying for a non-traditional job. My guide on how to apply for a creative job, is to get a feel for the particular organization by their website and base your resume off of how well it ties in with their website/appeals to them. I hope that helps!