Prayer, it changes things.

We were running a little bit late, so I drove a smidgen faster than I should have down the winding roads towards church. Along the way my boyfriend and I were discussing the power of prayer. Since he is currently in seminary, these biblical talks are frequent and enjoyable.

The question is, how much does the power of prayer change the outcome of a situation? How much influence do our prayer have? Does it change the plans God has in mind for us?

Getting lost in our thoughts, we almost didn't notice the blue lights flashing behind us. Three weeks before, I had a similar experience that ended with a pricy speeding ticket, so I was less than thrilled.

After the state patrol man came up to my car window to get my information, Glenn prayed. He prayed that the officer would have mercy and grace on us.

I got a warning.

I don't believe in coincidence.

God was making a point.

Whatever is going on in your life this week, big or small, pray about it. It will change things.


  1. I don't know if you realize how much I needed to hear this. Those questions above? Things don't change God's mind. HE has a plan--and he sticks to it. So..why pray? I've thought about that so much lately. And I need to pray about something terribly. Thank you thank you thank you for the reminder.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. Something I needed to be reminded of as well and you are right

  3. i have been thinking about prayer a lot lately. it's this great, beautiful mystery that i don't think we will fully grasp until we are united with Christ. i think prayer changes both our hearts/attitudes and our circumstances, but you never rally know which it will be! nice thoughts.