Recipe: Chocolate Graveyard

Pudding. Who doesn't love pudding? You know what makes pudding better? Irish Cream. That is right chocolate goodness with irish cream, complete with Oreo topping and delicious shortbread cookies.

This simple chocolate dessert was my savior for a last minute scary dessert. At an after Halloween, Halloween Party! It is simple, really!

Chocolate Graveyard

4 Packages of instant chocolate pudding
6 Cups of whole milk
2 Cups of irish cream
1 Package of Oreos crushed
1 Package of shortbread cookies
1 Tube of white icing

Directions: With an electric mixer whip up the instant pudding, milk and irish cream until it is well a pudding consistency. Then place the pudding in a large glass pan and set it in the fridge until you need it. Then right before your party add the crumbled Oreos on top of the pudding as well as your decorated shortbread cookies. Make sure you wait until the last minute to put on the Oreos and cookies so they don't get soggy!

Since halloween is now over, a great variation of this adult pudding would be perfect with gummy worms for a garden party. Or for thanksgiving you could do it with pumpkin pudding and crumble just shortbread cookies and write words that you are thankful for on the cookies standing up! The possibilities are endless with quick alcoholic pudding!

Another reminder as the craziness of the holidays are upon us, remember to rest.

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