Chopped, Clothing Style

I am addicted to the Food Network and my favorite show on the network is Chopped. What they do is put random ingredients in the chefs baskets and they have to create a complete meal using whatever is in the baskets. The chef that does the best/makes the tastiest meal is the winner!

So, combine that with the fact that I stayed up ridiculously late last night watching Project Runway on Hulu and you get this:

Classic Gray Sweatshirt/ Overalls/ Jelly Bracelets/ Corset Bag/ Ugg Boots
I think there should be a television show with the concept of Chopped (mystery ingredients) meets Project Runway, where you have to create a new, and clearly better outfit from the clothing items that you are given.

Winning television show, I think so.


  1. NOT POSSIBLE. With the choice of clothing above. Love the idea, though. :)

  2. I know a guy or two you can discuss this concept with. :)