Sometimes You Fall Down

I picked up my life in a comforting little town to move to the big city of Atlanta. I sold my house, left my job, and went to work for a friend to help her with her growing photography business.

Guess what?

It didn't work out as planned. The stars didn't align magically and I didn't live happily ever after working at a job I loved.

I took a gamble that didn't pay out, and now I am currently unemployed for the first time in my life since high school.  The beautiful thing about this world we live in and the expectations we have, is that we do not have all of the answers, we do not know the plan for our lives.

However, I do know some things, and these are the things that I know to be true and am thankful for:

1. I am valuable, and have a strong résumé backing me up. 
2. My mom raised me right and I have enough money saved that I can look for a career that I love.
3. I have not burned bridge in my life, so I have a strong network of supporters.
4. Atlanta is still where I am meant to be therefore I do not have any regrets.
5. I am just can't help but see this situation in a positive light! I am just super excited about the future!

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