My Birthday, Disney Style

I had the pleasure of going to Disney on my 26th Birthday! Ok, so me being a big kid at heart, I absolutely loved getting to be surrounded by happiness and wonder on my birthday.

The beauty alone of the park was breathtaking.

All of the colorful flowers blew me away!

However, something more special than even the flowers and beauty of the park and the over abundance of Happy Birthdays due to the button I wore that said my name and that it was my birthday was just the pure joy of spending the day wondering around the most magical place on earth with this amazing man who put it all together!

Also pictured is the lovely spice board, which is the gift that he made for me under my instructions that he had to make me a birthday gift and not purchase one!

I enjoyed spending my birthday at Disney and I am excited to see what year 26 of my life brings, something tells me it is going to be awesome!

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  1. I loved spending my birthday at Disney and wearing the pin :) Happy Birthday!