Pom Coco

I was running around the grocery store on my lunch break attempting to find a quick healthy lunch before my hour was up, when I stumbled upon a new drink created by Pom made with coconut water. I thought I would give it a try since coconut and pomegranates are both on my love list.
To say it was fabulous was an understatement. 
However, I knew what could take this to the next level, vodka!

Here is the scoop:
Three parts pomegranate, two parts coconut water, one part coconut vodka.
(I chose vodka instead of rum, because coconut vodka isn't as sweet at coconut rum. I didn't want the drink to be syrupy sweet like a pina coladas can be.)

With their powers combined you will be on your way to a tropical island in your living room in no time flat. Speaking of flat, this is a pretty low calorie drink considering the mixers are super healthy for you.(Hello flat abs!) 

P.S. Bolthouse Farm's pomegranate juice is way cheaper compared to the same stuff in the cute POM bottle right next door, so be on the lookout!

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  1. You are too fun! I keep trying coconut water and not loving it, but I think coconut vodka could convince me otherwise....