Branding Vino

I must admit, I am a wine snob. I love the taste of a good bottle of wine and I am guilty of having a glass with almost every dinner. One of my other passions is branding. I actually did a whole marketing research project in college that was centered around branding of beverage products. Therefore, wine labels and I are friends. However, with the increase of marketing research it is interesting to see how different vineyards are targeting different sectors.
Holy flower power! If a man picked up a bottle of that moscato, you would look at him and say please tell me that you are buying that for your wife. Girly overload! Would you really name a wine Cupcake and target it towards a male population. Um No!
These wines have a more masculine feel. The bright blue although obnoxious, it has a crest of sorts on the front that males are drawn more to. Greg Norman is a professional golfer, and odds are that most of the men would know that and not the females.
These are wine that I have purchased for myself. Although I am clearly female, I prefer to go towards wines that do more marketing towards a wine connoisseur and less towards a gender. I think those not only in appearance, but thank goodness taste also are way better. Let the wine be wonderful, and don't fall for those sneaky marketing ploys.

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