Color My World

Black and white is not my thing. Neither is shades of gray (all 50 of them ;) I know that white is clean and simple, but it simply isn't me. My old roommate loved, I mean loved white. I like the idea of everything being white, but it just won't work for me in reality. I am a color person. I am at least wearing two different colors every day sometimes as many as six. Don't judge!

Color inspires me, it moves me. So today I wanted to show you some of my favorite color moments that I have taken.

My dress that I wore on my birthday! It made me feel so full of life!
Interestingly round, totally different color palettes but oh so lovely. A rose, radishes, and water spigots.

This photo was from the famers market that I went to this past weekend. I loved the bright blue with the orange tint from the cow. Something so soft, caged by something so hard.

What colors are inspiring you this week?


  1. I'm with you, girly. I ADORE colorful rooms, clothes, items, and people! Your pictures are gorgeous, by the way. ;-)