Grandmother's Kitchen: Exploration

Diving into my grandmother's strawberry cake filled past has been an adventure that keeps on giving delicious surprises. Once the discovery of the recipes had been made, then came the task of sorting though all of them and typing them up to form a book which is where we are at now.
My housemate Rachel has been helping me with this task. She is the Collections Manager at Oak Hill & The Martha Berry Museum, so her knowledge on cursive is a huge help and her love for fine food makes it a fun project to do together. We have decided to type up at least 5 recipes every Monday night, in the hopes to have a lot of them done by my family reunion on September 27th! 

I took some photos of the recipe cards and did a watermark background to be the pages in the book. I think it will turn out pretty nice, if I do say so myself!

Someone just wanted me to pet her all night though, so it made things a little more difficult to get done! I am super excited to see the finished project, but I still have you know a couple hundred more recipe cards to go...