Films, Friends, Football

Local film festivals, you should go. You should try them out, they are awesome!
I volunteered at RIFF, this past weekend where fabulous screen masterpieces
were being shown that I would never get to experience anywhere else. 

My favorite one was called Racing for Sage.

Synopsis: Track star Luke Forrester is out of his element when, to meet the girl of his dreams, he climbs the ranks of a wacky chess society. As the stakes grow higher, he even fakes a British accent to appease the society’s ‘drill sergeant’. Throw in a jealous chess fanatic, and you have all the ingredients for a quirky ride you won’t want to miss!

Oh something about a guy chasing after a girl gets me every time.

Then the rest of my weekend was spent with friends at an outdoor concert,
looking at fun drawings made by Leah, and watching some good ole Georgia Football!

Also I found out this weekend by taking the enneagram test that I am a type three!
This is a great test to find out more of what stresses you and what your strengths are
and unlike most personality tests it is based off of your sin struggle.
I am an achiever, you can read more about me here.

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