I try my best to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am, 
pursue their dreams harder than me and can in turn push me to the next level. 

I had the pleasure of spending most of my childhood 
down the street from a person that definitely is all of that and more.

Chris Small. 
I asked him to spotlight a topic that he is passionate about which is simply, do.


Brilliance is not as uncommon as most people believe. Chances are the girl sitting next to you at Starbucks has a great idea about something, is an expert in her field, an amazing musician etc... 

One of the key differences between those who are filled with great ideas and the actual leaders of industry, is action. Doing something.

The truth is that even the highest officials and leaders struggle with fear, doubt, and rejection. All of these things are commonly seen as weaknesses but are actually advantages in the pursuit of self-discovery and actualization (both of which are required of all who aim to be the best in anything).

I was talking to someone I respected as a player in the digital marketing field here in Nashville about my career and his advice to me was 'Don't make excuses. Don't stall out. Just get going.'

It might be daunting and your idea might require a level of sacrifice that you are not yet willing to undergo. But there is always something you can DO. Make a plan, have coffee with that contact, read the book that one guy at the smoky bar told you to read. No matter your vocation, idea, or industry it seems we live in an age where there exists a shrinking amount of prerequisite for success. 

Start small, think big, and just get going.


Thank you Chris, for your post and call to action! 
Check out Chris's blog called Hey.Create to find out more about 
his passion for marketing, music, and entrepreneurship.

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  1. Lovely topic, thanks for the motivation! Guess it's time to work on that blog post I've been putting off. ;)