Cardamon Bread

Christmas traditions that warm the soul and fill the belly are simply the best kind. Every year my boyfriend's mother, Lauri makes Finnish Cardamom Bread into wreaths to give out to neighbors.

Last year, I came over to her house a few days before Christmas when she was twisting the yeasty treat into the wreaths to bake. I was immediately fascinated, and vowed to come over the next year to see the whole process from start to finish.

The baking extravaganza took several hours, due to the time it took for the yeast to rise, but overall the process was not nearly as intensive as I had thought. And during the wait time, we made chocolate biscotti so fear not!

After kneading the bread, you break off small balls and roll them into long ropes of bread. Then you braid the strands, which Rachel (Glenn's sister) and I did semi-perfectly, and then connect the ends to make the wonderful wreath shape.

Overall the Cardamon Bread to me is better than any dessert I have ever tried. I love a good yeasty treat and the wonderful glaze on this Finnish concoction makes it divine. This is one tradition that I can totally get behind!

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