Golden Bar Cart DIY

My friends always choose my house as the to-go house for any get togethers, and I suspect it is because I am always the one in my friend group who has wine and liquor in stock on any given day. Since, opening the cabinets or keeping the libations on the kitchen counter every day of the week is not very classy, I decided that a bar cart needed to be in my life.

I searched the local antique markets and found this little beauty that just needed a new paint job to bring it back to its glory days.

With the help (and when I say help, I really mean completely fix my first botch job and do it by himself over again) of my boyfriend Glenn, we whipped this bar cart into its new glorious state.

I love the glass layers, that allow you to see everything from the top to bottom in one glance!

My investigative pup, enjoyed the fact that the wine corks were now in prime picking level because she proceeded to carefully take one after the other of her new "toys" out of their location and beg to be let outside to bury her prize.

I can't get enough of my new bar cart and am super excited to show it off at my next event!


  1. Loved seeing this today! Can't wait for it to make an appearance at our murder mystery!

  2. this is crazy awesome! my current apartment is way too small for something like this, but i am filing this away for the future. nice work!