Resting in Him

Art by Cliff Wassmann
I was given a time to rest, but to be honest I haven't been doing very well.

It is in my nature to achieve, to get things done, so not having a job to be productive at is starting to take its tole on my heart.

Everyday my quest continues to find the correct career path, but I felt like something was amiss since I started my time of rest. Something was tugging and crying to be discovered, but I couldn't place my hand quite on it.

Then I started reading a book that my friend Leah mentioned called 24/6, which is about remembering the Sabbath and how important and holy, a day of rest is in our lives.

It clicked, God has given me this opportunity to rest and to chase after him, but instead I have been racing trying to find my own path and filling up my time with random garbage. I now have time to read His word more, spend time meditating and praying. All things that I have said I would do more of, if I only had more time.

I was given the gift of more time, and I wasn't using it. I was just working for my own gain, and it left me feeling empty. After the realization of my stupidity, I am bound and determined to not feel sorry for myself for the lack of achievement of a job at this moment, but instead use this time of rest to trust Him and learn more about the Maker of the world.


  1. I just read that book a few months ago! It was so good! Definitely inspired me to make taking a sabbath a priority.

  2. I'm so glad that God is blessing you through reading this book, Kate! I'm so sorry that things are challenging with the job hunt right now, but God's will is always perfect and always EXACTLY what you need. He'll guide you to the right job at the right time. ;-) Don't you worry! This post was so, so sweet and one I, too, needed to read today. :-)