Revolving Around Food

Something that I have noticed about my life, not only do I take a lot of photos of food (Yes, I am that person on IG), but I think most of my life is revolved around the making of, conversations during, or giddy consumption of food.

One of the biggest character traits that I inherited from my mother is the joy of entertaining. I love having friends over and creating a table spread that allows for flowing conversation and wine of course.

The discovery of new dishes and creating new memories are so strongly associated with all of the senses, my favorite being taste of course. Brad and I picked up a whole fish, and neither of us had ever cooked one before, so we were determined to make it work, and boy we did! It was fantastic!

Amelia took me out for a late birthday celebration at a lovely Mexican restaurant! I think out of all of the international foods, I could eat Mexican every day and not get sick of it, something about the spices and the lightness of it all, never gets old.

I had the opportunity to go with Brad to Mississippi to visit some friends, and I had the pleasure of trying my first deer meat sausage! It was made from this sweet man, who made the sausage himself from start (deer) to finish (my belly) and smoked it in his shack. This humble man of few words, was such a pleasure to meet and I won't forget this experience for a long time!

My parents live down at the lake and my Step-Dad got a beehive for Christmas, and he was showing Brad all about the hive and talking about how much longer it will be before we have honey!

I have been toying around with what to do with all of the bee's wax that we will have, what to do? Candles? Lip Balm? Who knows, but I am so excited to taste the honey, that is for sure!

Enjoy this long and beautiful weekend!

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