Tropical Port

I must admit, I am a complete sucker for good branding. One of my favorite things is unique packaging of wines. The labels of beautiful bottles have been known to land into my arms, without the slightest thought of even what type of wine it might be *gasp*!

The discovery of a recently opened wine store in Mississippi, where you could still smell the freshly laid wooden shelves, was the hunting ground of some of my newest treasures. One bottle in particular I was drawn to, didn't even have a label at all! The letters were etched on the bottle, and without a second look the bottle was sitting in the back seat coming home with me.

It was Port. Yep, Port Wine. This was my first encounter with the dessert wine and at first sniff it was off puttingly sweet. I poured myself a glass, and well lets just say it is not my favorite, not by a long shot.

But, with its higher than normal alcohol content, and its sweet nature I devised that my beautiful bottle could in fact be saved in a mixed drink. Therefore, pineapple juice, lime, and grenadine were added to the party to create a Tropical Port drink, that was in fact quite tasty!

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