Intimidation, was the first thing that came to mind when I was first introduced to my boyfriends tight friendship group. It is a group of friends that has been a around for a long time, some of them before the college days. They are sweet people, but come on being introduced as a girlfriend into a tight knit group can be hard, really hard. However, the more time that I spend with these lovely people, the more I feel at home. The more I feel like I am becoming a friend instead of just Glenn's girlfriend which means the world to me.

This past weekend, Jenny got married to the man of her dreams and almost all of the friend group was present at this festive celebration (photos from the rehearsal dinner). It confirmed how much I am beginning to care for these amazing people and how accepted they make me feel.

Three cheers for great people!

Oh an just a cute one of me and Glenn from Jenny and Drew's wedding day =)

Thank you Eli for the photos!

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