Coffee in that Coffee Mug

My collection of wonderful coffee mugs, is only out loved by the item that I put in the cup. When deciding what is the perfect coffee blend for you, you must consider how you like to drink it first. I put cream and suger all up in my cup but some people desire it super black. The more you put in it, the less the actual taste of the coffee will affect you. However, it is still really important to start out with some amazing stuff no matter how you take it.

First, be a brand reader. If it is mass produced, it is going to taste like you guessed it, like it was mass produced.

Things that I want on my label: Organic, Fair Trade Certified, and Medium Roast.

The first two are musts, but the last one is a preference. The medium roast or sometimes called city roast is my favorite taste. Contrary to most peoples first thought, the type of roast does not determine the strength of the coffee taste. The only thing that can control the strength of the coffee is the amount of water to coffee ratio.

What I would recommend doing, to find out which kind is your favorite, is to go to your local grocery store that has coffee bean dispensers and get a little of different kinds of roasts. None of that flavored stuff! Then each morning try out a new one of your goodies! This a great way to treat yourself and find out what you really like. Or something else that would be fabulous is that you could have a coffee tasting party and everybody brings their favorite coffee with a french press!

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  1. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but that mug, gorgeous!