Local: Farmers Market

I love to travel! I have been over to Europe several times and I have explored many cities in America through traveling for work, but their is just something about being home. Living in a city that is miles from a highway, we have a strong sense of community in my hometown of Rome, Georgia. Oh and one of the cities I have been to is Rome, Italy, just a fun fact :)

Pink eye purple hull peas, pecans, and okra were discovered!

I am going to feature local spots the next couple of weeks, highlighting small town life. This one begins, from the beginning, from farm to table so to speak. A farmers market. I mean come on, how completely fabulous can a famers market be. Incredibly fabulous.

Leah went with me on this adventure to the market and we scored several goodies! We each picked up a bottle of local honey which is said to help with allergies, and we split an orange watermelon that Glenn and I carved out later for dessert (after we had previously snuck a few spoonfuls).

However one of my very, super very favorite things from the famers market is something that I asked for about a month in advance and picked up at the market. I had commissioned a sake set to be made from the fabulous Pottery by Lisa. Not only is she a great potter, but such a beautiful friend and fellow Roman.

Enjoy where you live this week, because I know that I will do the same. Oh and kanpai (cheers in Japanese)!


  1. Had a great time on Saturday, Ms. Kate! It was a super fun girls' morning! Your pictures are so colorful and lovely! I hope you are enjoying your sake set. :-)

  2. So fun!!! I'd love to visit the market in Rome sometime! :)

  3. why is the farmers market so great?

  4. Nice blog, I was happy to come across it today!