I'm on a Train!


Well, I am not quite on a train yet, but I will be going on one next month!

My cousin James lives out in California, near San Francisco/Napa Valley and my mom and I are taking the journey out to see him in October.

So one of the things I simply must do is take a winery tour and one of ways that my other cousin Patty suggested we do that is to take a train tour of several vineyards! Therefore we will make it happen!

Not sure what else do to in the area, so suggestions are welcomed!


  1. SO COOL! I hope you have a wonderful time! :)

  2. Oooh, have fun!! I'm about an hour from Napa & SF and it's just beautiful over there. Make sure you check out some good wineries. Artesa is a nice one! :)

  3. wow this sounds soo much fun =) xo

    Gina | pebbz notebook