One Word: Part Two

This is part two of the series that features some lovely ladies telling me a little bit more about themselves in one word. Here is their insightful answers:

                                                        \\\ Futuristic /// My mind is always working toward accomplishing my dreams and goals. I'm creative and an entrepreneur so being future minded helps ground me and figure out what I need to do now to achieve things later. The future excites me, motivates me and gives me hope. -Maiedae


\\\ Sensible /// "Sensible," may be a little bit of a boring way to describe yourself, but I have always been an old soul. My family began calling me "Grandma Kerzman" when I was younger, because I was always very level-headed, calm, and responsible. I like to think things through, and be realistic about outcomes of situations. - Amanda K. by the Bay

\\\ Bubbly /// I believe that bubbly is my word because I like to see life as a constant celebration. I mean, isn't it amazing that we are ALIVE! I like to see myself as being bubbly and able to lighten the mood, bring a smile to someone's day, make them laugh. Bubbly is my word because that is who I am. I am playful, lively, enthusiastic and effervescent. - Lemonwood and Honey


\\\ Passionate /// I think the word passionate describes me because when I am involved in something, I give my whole heart to it. Whether that's relationships, work, or other interests, I do it all with passion. - Pulchritudefest

\\\ Imaginative /// Since I was a child, I have always imagined other worlds, people, and situations. I’m a writer and creator at heart—imagining comes as naturally to me as breathing. - L.M. Sherwin

Thank you so much ladies for all of your wonderful answers 
and stay tuned next week for the final post on the One Word Series!

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  1. Thanks Kate for featuring me!! Super awesome :D