On a New Adventure

Life isn't about keeping the status quo. It isn't about feeling comfortable enough to get by from day to day. It is about waking up every morning feeling refreshed. Looking forward to the hours you are about to spend on something that will ultimately provide for your life through the form of money.

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Last week, in one day I quit my job selling athletic insurance and put my house on the market. This was clearly not the safe, warm and fuzzy decision. It was hard, it was scary and still is scary. This decision was based off of the fact that I don't love insurance, I don't feel called to do it every day. I am however in the position where I can make those kind of decisions, I am not married and only have my dog Belle as a dependent.

I got offered a job in Atlanta by my friend Tessa where I will be representing a new line of photography for her as well as being an overall business manager. This is something that I will love.

The decision that I made to completely turn my life upside down was not the safe decision, it was the hard one. It will be the one that is the most rewarded though.

I am excited about my new adventure.


  1. This is SUCH a huge change. But AMAZING. I'm actually really happy for you. This adventure will be an awesome one, and I'm so excited to see all of your new posts! Congratulations for doing what's best for you.

  2. I couldn't be more excited to have you Kate and honored that you'd take such a huge leap of faith to come work along side me. It means the world. It's wildly exciting but also frightening... in any case I know it's going to be an incredible year... I can't wait to get started!!! Love you!!!!

  3. congrats! sounds like a wonderful opportunity!