Singleness Season: Goals

This whole being single thing is proving to be way more difficult than I imagined. I have been thrown for a loop already. My mantra was going strong until:

This guy ran in and jumped into my life.

Me being a keeper of promises, deemed that I would stick to my single lane road for six months no matter what. So this man, who I want to continue to get to know was told of my journey. The gentleness and patience he is showing, in understanding my situation, means that he is staying at arms length. So, how to build a friendship and encourage each other to live more for the Lord without daily communication?

 46¢ at a time.

Oh yeah old school pen pals. We are trying to keep the dying industry alive. It will be an interesting journey to say the very least. However, my heart is ultimately focused on myself and pursuing God during this wonderful opportunity to grow.

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